Satellite / Wi-Fi / Cell Phones

We use DirecTV for our satellite service. It works for us. We have 4 TV’s. 2 are hooked to the Genie upfront and 2 are hooked to the Mini Genie in back. Anything tape on any TV is available to watch on any TV. We never have a problem getting a signal unless a tree blocks us or we get bad weather. When that happens, we resort to streaming or use our Over The Air antenna (OAT) for local channels.

The drawback to DirecTV is their price keeps going up. We just had to call them about that and they were able to bring our rate back down below $100 a month. Sound like a lot to some but we live full time in our coach and we like to unwind by watching our shows. We tape most of them and watch at our leisure. I’d rather pass on going out to eat a meal if it means keeping my satellite.

Streaming – Everybody has an opinion and a gizmo to stream. Hotspot, Roku, HMDI cable from phone to TV – to each his own. There are many plans that are unlimited but then they throttle you at peak times or after 30 GB. We got lucky and got a Home Base Rural plan with ATT several years where we get 500 GB of date with no throttling for $69 a month. It’s totally separate from our phones and is like a router so several devices can connect to it at the same time and we can take it with us if we have to be out of the coach for repairs or such. Unfortunately, they don’t offer it anymore. We use it to stream Netflix or Hulu using our smart DVD player. We also have the Amazon Firestick. All connect to the internet via the Home Base.

Technomadia is the best sight for everything cell/satellite and connectivity information. Chris and Cherie stay on top of all the new advancements and programs as they are rolled out. We’ve been following them for years. They’ve gone from an RV to a Yacht and back and forth now. Both have similar challenges so you can glean a lot of information from them. I think they have both a free and a paid subscription membership.