Package Delivery and Mail Forwarding Services

Amazon – We order stuff from Amazon all the time. I highly recommend becoming a Prime member. You get free 2 day delivery, free movies and free Kindle books that can be read on any tablet with the Kindle app. We check with the campground we are at or the next one to make sure we have the correct address for deliveries and add the address to Amazon as Carol Valk c/o campground. Be sure to give them the campground phone number in case they have to call about a delivery. So far, we have only had one shipment that didn’t get to us in time because a USPS truck broke down but after calling Amazon Customer service we were able to get it resolved. Had to ask for a US rep and then a supervisor but she was very nice and helpful and had the item returned to sender, issued us a credit so we could reorder within the hour and upgraded it to 1 day shipment for free. Very happy with their customer service. Now we can get supplies while on the road and have gifts delivered for family birthdays, etc.

Mail Forwarding:

My Dakota Address*

Cost range from $8 – $18 a month but I don’t think they scan the mail they just send you an email with a list of what letters you received.


Cost $115 a year but they require a $15 enrollment fee, a $50 postage deposit fee, and a $35 cancellation fee (to forward mail to your next permanent address for 6 months after you stop the service).

Traveling Mailbox

Cost $15 to $25 a month depending on what plan you get. Then you pay for the shipping of mail to you and cost is usually about $9 a packing if you do 4 day with tracking. More if you need overnight shipping. They will scan each envelop and put it online so you can see what you have received. You can opt to have it shredded or sent to you. They will hold accumulated mail until you request it to be sent to you. A lot of times, we will check with the next campground to see if we can have mail delivered there and confirm the address and then have the mail sent. Sometimes the mail will get there before we do and they just hold it for us then we will pick it up upon check in.

Note: We changed to Escapees because Traveling Mailbox requires letters to go to one address and packages to go to another. Letters to go a Dallas address and pkgs go to a North Carolina address. Letters are forwarded from the Dallas address to North Carolina where they are scanned so there is a couple of days delays for us to see what we have received. Not a big deal but we’ve decided to change to Escapees anyway especially when our insurance costs went up by $500 a year because of the Dallas zip code.

*Both My Dakota Address and Escapees will help you with vehicle registrations. Traveling Mailbox does not.