Pets are our ‘fur babies’ and we love them dearly. Here are a couple safety pointers for having pets.

1. Get a sign or a sticker to put on your front door to let people know you have a pet inside in case of an emergency. Be sure to include what kind of pet, how many, their name and your phone number. Ours is bright red and yellow and says: In Case of Emergency, please rescue our dog Bella and has our phone number on it.

2. Get a temperature monitor for pets so you can be alerted if the temperature inside your RV gets too hot while you are away sightseeing which can happen if power goes out while you are gone. I can’t recommend one because we use our AGS (Auto Generator Start) to automatically start our generator based on a power outage or high temperatures. There are plenty of temperature monitors out there to choose from though. Most require Wi-Fi to be able to notify you of a problem while you are out.